Is applied over lath with two layers of moisture barrier. The lath and accessories are mechanically fastened to the substrate and framing members. The stucco is applied in 2 or 3 coats, depending on the application.


With the new codes and regulations in the construction industry pertaining to building efficiency, EIFS is becoming more widely used. EIFS can be installed over building wrap with mechanical fasteners, or it can be as a drainable system with a liquid applied air vapor barrier.


Brick / Stone

Stone is mostly used to accent an adjacent cladding. Normally stucco or siding. It is applied over lath, either dry stack (with no mortar joint), or wet stack (with a mortar joint)


Residential Work


Fiber Cement/Vinyl Siding/Nichiha Panels

The most widely used siding is a fiber cement lap siding, along with shake siding, board and batten and trim boards. Fiber cement siding is a cost effective product that has great durability over time.

From classic to modern, Driftwood II combines enduring style with everyday affordability. The low-gloss finish, natural cedar grain texture and rich palette of colors will beautifully showcase the architectural details of your home.  

Nichiha’s Illumination Series block-fiber cement panels give the look of metal and are made with 20 percent post-consumer recycled content. The smooth, textured panels are available in five shades: oyster, patina, sienna, storm and umber. Installation involves a hidden-clip system, which does not require special tools.

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Premier in Action

Check out our guys in action applying stucco, hanging siding and setting scaffolding.